About LQV

Lisa Quaratesi Vincenzini creates her entire collection in Jaipur, India. She sources local fabrics and prints and works with tailors that are small in capacity to produce her yearly collection of dresses.

Resort Wear Made With Love

LQV collections was born out of the desire to produce a simple yet elegant and unpretentious resort collection of dresses. Easy to wear pieces, effortless and chic. Dresses that women of all ages could feel comfortable and elegant in, be it day or night. Having spent almost 10 years in India helping children at Mango Tree Goa House (and the local community in general) and aware of the harsh conditions that many people find themselves in due to the lack of education, basic medical attention and hunger, it seemed only natural to Lisa that the LQV collection should do something to help those in need in the country that she considers her second home.

“The colours of India”

“The colours of India” is the trailer from the documentary directed by Lavinia Andreini from the cultural association Polyedric Visions, based in Lucca. For the very first time, after 12 years we’ll be able to watch on the screen the story of a journey, the proof of what the designer Lisa Quaratesi Vincenzini has never stopped giving us. She is the mind behind this project and wanted to tell, using evocative images, what the reality of textile production activities with whom she is working with in India is, sharing with us the magic world that everyday gives her the inspiration for the creation of her wonderful outfits.

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