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"100 dresses, the colours of India"

“100 dresses, the colours of India and the memory of the journey” saw on the catwalk the creations of designer Lisa Quaratesi Vincenzini followed by a charity sale to raise funds for a school in India, the Mango Tree Goa House.

Mango Tree Goa House is an institution very close to Lisa’s heart. The designer has been a trustee of the Mango Tree Goa House for over 10 years. The institution looks after schooling and health needs for the children in Goa.

Lisa produces her collections in India to support this institution and the local community.

Every year a special event is organised to sell 100 dresses of LQV’s collection to raise funds for for the trust.

Lucca’s response was above expectations. The sale of the creations raised over 3600 euros, which were sent directly to Mango Tree House.

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The Mango Tree Trust supports around 170 children each day.

At its base at Mango House it provides a registered pre-primary school and afternoon tuition classes for school going children.

It also ensures that children celebrate, have fun and play too.

A nutritious lunch and fruit are provided for all children.

The Mango Tree also administers our Bags4School and Back2School projects which provide school bags and uniform for around 270 children each year. It also collects and distributes second-hand clothes and toys.

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To find out more about Mango Tree Goa House go to

 If you would like to support the children of Mango Tree Goa House you can make an online donation here

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